Sell lightly used designer clothes and accessories


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Skills you need: goods identification
Physical level: Can walk
Things you need: smartphone, computer
Also requires: clothing to rent
Earns in about: 35 days
Cashout options: Paypal, debit card transfer, debit card transfer
What it costs: 19.8% commission + 2.9% payment processing fee


Tradesy is the luxury fashion resale marketplace that empowers women to get the designer fashion they crave — on their own terms. We enable millions of customers to sell what's in their closets and fund their next shopping spree. All while saving up to 90% off retail. Why resale? Glad you asked. Fashion is the third most-polluting industry on the planet. Let that sink in for a second. Extending the life cycle of luxury goods reduces the demand for new items and creates less toxic fashion waste. That means more affordable luxury in all of our wardrobes — and less in landfills.